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Bryan and Mary Thompson, a couple of scientific experts, move to the quiet city of Centerville to work in an ultra-secret laboratory that studies extraterrestrial activity.

A strange storm decides breaks into the city; when investigating it, they run into a dark signal that will lead them to discover the secrets that it encloses, ignoring that this discovery would unleash bloody events in their lives.


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About me

My name is Ibrahim José Buznego Escobar. Venezuelan born in Caracas, the city of fire, in the year of 1985.

When I was a kid my parents took the very wise decision to move to Vargas State, central coast of Venezuela, where my horizon was always adorned with the blue of ocean and to my back, as Green Guardian, the enigmatic and imposing Avila.

In Vargas, or La Guaira as we all know it, I met my girlfriend, the love of my lifetime, inspiration, passion, madness and debauchery. Today, with 17 years of relationship, happily married.

I studied at the Maritime University of the Caribbean and I graduated International Trade.

After working in important companies in my area of study, I became independent and at the age of 24 I started my own business. It was just how my wife and I started our international trade and Customs business.

From my earliest years in the university I was writing some times but, zealously, many of those stories were captured and locked in the dungeons of my Computer; Until I decided to give the opportunity to those clandestine and gloomy writings for to come to light.

Suspense, horror, science fiction, the movies and music are my passion and with them I have filled my mind for years of ideas transcribed in unpublished stories and now I want, with great pleasure, share with you.


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